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Association Fails to Overturn Town's Moratorium

State REALTOR® association challenges a town's ability to impose temporary land division prohibition while town developed a smart growth plan.

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Craigslist Not Liable for FHA Violations

Federal appellate affirms trial court ruling that website is not liable for content posted by others.

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2008 Association Insurance Documents

The documents for the 2008 Professional Liability Insurance Program that NAR provides to its member associations are now available on

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April Podcast: Loan Assumptions

Attorney Howell Haunson describes this increasingly prevalent type of transaction and the possible risks.

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Internet Risk Management for Brokerages

Read an article highlighting important issues that a brokerage’s policies should address and also sample policies.

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Code of Ethics Video Series

The fastest and newest way to learn about the NAR Code of Ethics, these videos focus on what separates you, as a REALTOR®, from other real estate professionals.

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2007 Legal Scan Available

NAR's Legal Affairs department analyzes 94 issues that involve the legal liability of real estate brokers, salespeople, and real estate managers.

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Mortgage Fraud: Recognizing the Signs

Read about the increasing dangers real estate brokers face from mortgage fraud by reading a new brochure from NAR's Risk Management Committee.

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2008 Professional Standards Seminar
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