Trampoline Games – Both Healthy and Fun

At present, it is said that children are addicted to computer games or other games which don’t help to enrich their imagination or help to build their physical strength as well. For them trampoline games are the best ideas.

Jumping on trampolines are now gaining popularity among children and others in a rapid rate. Playing rebounder games cannot be considered only as a fun activity, it is a massive exercise which practically burns about sixty nine percent more energy than running. It burns up to one thousand calories per hour. You will get weight control and needed exercises for your body. Children today prefer those games which require a short amount of energy. For this reason they are getting affected by computer games or in TV.

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Rebounders are one of the best ways to take them outside so that they can exercise and be healthy. It is a beautiful matter that the children won’t understand that they are working out by playing these games. They will think it as fun, but in the long run it will have a very beneficial impact on their body; these will help to make their body strong. These games are not only for fun, it is one of the best ways to develop body control and body movement skills which will help in others sports.

Only bouncing on a trampoline could be boring but then again you might still even have fun doing that. You can try a lot of different games which you can play with your child and have a lot of fun. Have you tried Crossfire or Hot Potato on your rebounder? I know I sure did as a kid. I jump a lot on my trampoline and these activities give me fun and a lot of good energy which most activities can’t give. Now I’ll give you some ideas that you can try and be sure of it that you will find your trampoline more effective and more fun to play than before.


Splash Popping:

When summer warms up and the weather and the heat is too much for you, then it is the best time to play splash popping on trampoline. It’s a game of popping balloons full of water with just using your feet. It is a great way to cool off during summer when it’s really hot outside.



Crossfire is basically a fun version of dodge ball. To play this game two people need to stand up on the trampoline and the rest of the team should be on the ground. The people on the ground throw a soft ball to the people on the trampoline. If they hit them, they will change positions. If someone on the ground can tag someone on the trampoline, he gains a point.


Hot Potato:

For playing this game all the players have to jump at all times. Between players a soft ball will be thrown and the players must try to catch the ball. If they fail to catch the ball or stop jumping to catch it then they are out. This will continue until there is only one left.



This one is an iconic game that everyone loves to play. For this activity you have to buy large colored dots and place them on the mat of the rebounder. You then have to use a spinner to make turns. Jumpster is played by jumping from dot to dot. You can make it more challenging by using one foot or going faster.


Attack The Castle:

For this all players need to be divided into two teams. One team is positioned on the rebounder and the other one on the outside. The trampoline will be considered as the castle. Outside players will throw ball on to the castle and players inside have to knock them off. If all the balls are inside, the castle breaks and the outsider team wins.


Draw it:

Draw it is an enjoyable game for the children. All they have to draw pictures with chalk on the trampoline surface.


There are also a lot of games which you can play to enjoy your trampoline. Trampoline games are extremely fun to play and beneficial for your health as well. So everyone should try to convert their child from playing video games to games on a rebounder. Not only children but also elders can make enjoyable moments by playing these games.


Iron Pro 2 64,000 Grains Water Softener Review

Those who live in coastal or remote regions know exactly how much of a pain hard water can be. Not only does it taste bad, but also ruins your plumbing system, appliances, as well as the facets and showerheads in the bathroom. While there are several water softeners available in the market, their water production capacity is just enough to support the drinking requirements of the family. If you are looking for a water softening solution that not only does the job right, but gives you the freedom of more softened water, the Iron Pro 2 64,000 Grains Water Softener is just what you need.

More than just a versatile water softener, the Iron Pro 2 is a specialized iron filtration unit to ensure that each drop of water is as pure as possible. It has been equipped with a 64,000 grain capacity to break down hardened water. The Iron Pro 2 water softener is just enough to accommodate the soft water requirements of the entire house. A high grade mesh resin has been incorporated into the Iron Pro 2 water softener to add the ability of iron filtration to it.


Iron Pro 2 Water Softener

The entire water filtration system has been designed to accommodate the softened water requirements of an average to large household, so matter how much soft water you need, the Iron Pro 2 will deliver. Each of the components used in constructing this water softener is of the highest quality, along with an extra-large brine tank to accommodate all your soft water needs.


Eliminates the Buildup of Scale

Besides the bad taste that hard water carries, it can leave quite a mark on your faucets and appliances and cause their surface to flake. This flaking is caused by the corrosive salts and sediments in the water, which corrodes the surface of the appliances. The buildup of scale causes blockage, which causes the water to flow at a severely reduced rate. The Iron Pro 2 removes this scale buildup by breaking down the salts, reducing the blockage. This not only increases the water flow through the appliances and the faucets, but also increases their lifespan.

iron pro 2 review

Digital Control Panel

One of the most popular digital controllers for water softeners, the Fleck 5600SXT has also been equipped with the Iron Pro 2 water softener. This latest digital controller has been highly acclaimed for its easy user interface that lets you configure the system with ease. The Fleck 5600SXT comes with a backlit LCD display which makes reading the details much easy, and the touch pad besides the screen allows easy navigation through the system.



  • Ideal choice for homes with large requirements of softened water.
  • Created from industrial grade materials to last the user for years to come.
  • Digital control panel for easy access and configuration of the system.
  • Special mesh resin filters to remove residues of iron and manganese.


Final Opinion

The Iron Pro 2 is among the few water softeners in the market that provide an all-in-one water purification solution. The large brine task supports the water requirements of a large house, the special digital controls offered by Fleck 5600SXT make it easy to use and the mesh resin filter makes it an ideal purification system to remove excess iron and manganese from the water supply.