Review of the JumpKing Jumpod 15-Foot Trampoline

JumpKing is a leading trampoline company in the world and was founded in 1948. They are considered to be the largest trampoline manufacture in the world. They have many different models that have hundreds of positive rebounder reviews online. They make all different shapes and sizes as well. Among their entire product line the 15′ JumpPod Advanced Round Trampoline has taken a special place. This trampoline is one of their best-selling models and it seems it will stay that way for some.

A trampoline is an amazing thing for everyone that allows you to have fun and perform exercises at the same time. The fun and the possibilities of doing more exercises increase with the size of the trampoline. As the Jumpod 15′ trampoline has a large mat, it offers more fun and exercises. It can also hold up to 220 lbs. which is plenty for most kids. The pod enclosure is easy to use and it keeps the users safe from injuries as well.

It can be used easily for both indoor and outdoor usage. As it has a frame made of heavy duty anti rust galvanized steel, it will last long no matter how rough the weather is. It has 96 galvanized springs that will allow you to jump extremely high in the air.

jumpking jumpod review

There are a lot of new features in this trampoline which are growing its popularity. Its features and specifications are given below-


Jumpod 15′ trampoline features:

·       It has a rust resistant heavy duty steel frame which is made for safety and long lasting durability.

·       It includes a heavy duty safety pad with UV treatment. This covers the springs and the frame.

·       It has 96 pieces of 7” steel springs.

·       The over and under spring system add more fun and more bounce.

·       Specially designed POD connectors make are for a stronger stability.

·       It has 6 W shaped legs. These legs add extra stability while the jumpers are jumping on it.

·       It has a weight capacity of 22o lbs.

·       It has a dual closure entry with the help of zippers and buckles.

·       Without limiting the visibility, it creates a fun jumping environment.

·       For added extra protection, it has a foam padded poles.

·       Enclosure poles go directly into the pod connectors for an easy assembly.

·       There is a shoe bag included with this model.

·       Without the enclosure the trampoline height is 35″ and with the enclosure the trampoline height is 111″.


Enclosure features and specifications:

·       The enclosure netting system is easy to set up.

·       The Specially designed ‘G4′ poles help to set up the enclosure system in a blink.

·       It includes foam covers for additional protection of the enclosure.


Trampolines are now gaining their popularity at a rapid rate. Already it has become a must have thing for the kids. Trampolines are famous for their fun activities and healthy exercises. People had made some criticism about its safety. But that is over when anyone can say anything about its safety features. Trampolines have simply made so many advances in safety and features that if properly supervised you can be sure that your children will be safe. Overall the 15′ JumpPod advanced round trampoline is one of the best rebounder on the market today. It will give you a huge experience of trampoline uses that you cannot get from any other product.


Best Trampoline for Kids – Little Tikes 7′ Rebounder

 There are many kinds of kids trampolines currently available on the market. The Little Tikes 7-foot trampoline is one of them and in my opinion is the best trampoline for kids. It is specially designed to be suited for children 36 months to 10 years old. When designing this trampoline you can tell that our kid’s safety was their first priority. Best part about this rebounder is that it helps your kids to increase their balance and to develop their cognitive functions.


At present, kids are addicted to many different kinds of electronic games as these games require low energy and people today are lazier than ever. This is the best trampoline for kids that can trick them to get them outside and make them active. So when kids need to burn up their wild energy just send them straight to the backyard for some safe bouncing on the Little Tikes 7- foot trampoline. Durable padding covers the safety springs to protect the little fingers and toes. Heavy duty steel poles with cushion covers keep the net secured for the little jumpers. You will never lose their shoes either because all you have to do is keep them in the attached little shoe bag until the jumping time is over. The Little Tikes 7′ Trampoline could also be used as a trampoline for toddlers as well. It has a blow molded plastic frame which will ensure the durability and a pad which will provide extra protection. To keep your child safe, this trampoline has a protective net all around it. The attached shoe holder keeps the trampoline clean and organized. It is specially designed for home and outdoor use with only one user at a time.

top trampoline for kids

The Little Tikes 7′ Trampoline specifications:

  • It weighs 75 pounds
  • The frame is made of blow-molded plastic and steel
  • There is polyethylene netting around the bouncing pad. Steel poles are there to support this
  • The springs are protected with pad protector. So the little feet will be safe if they get close to the corner.
  • This trampoline, including the netting stands is seven and a half feet high
  • Its total jumping area is 21.65 square feet.
  • This model is recommended for kids between the ages of 36 months to 10 years.
  • It has a weight limit of 100 pounds.
  • 4” diameter provides enough room for bouncing



The Little Tikes 7′ Trampoline is the best trampoline for kids, this can be said without confusion. It is for those people who want to see their kids having fun and doing healthy exercises safely in a good environment. This trampoline has a full built in system for safety. Though some of the users tell that this product lacks a handlebar which is helpful for 3 to 6 years old kids, rests of others don’t take it as a serious need. The Little Tikes 7′ Trampoline is a handy product for you to look after your kids as it will help to entertain them. Besides, it will also help to keep them healthy and in shape.



Shop and Ask Your Plumber for the Best Water Softener

There are so many water softener devices nowadays that it makes it ridiculously hard on a person or couple to choose exactly which one they are going to purchase. Even harder than that is the fact that so many companies know not at all what they are talking about when it comes to proving their system that they are selling. They are using basic chemistry science to sell their products, but of course you do not have to be a genius to understand that anyone that knows chemistry could be selling the same products with the same arguments.


What to Look For in a Reliable System

The best thing to do when choosing is to ask several representatives to explain their product completely and then based on all of your details that you can even record, ask a certified plumber exactly what is the best water softener for you or check out reviews like these. The best person to help you in this domain is your plumber. They have the most knowledge to guide you in making a wise decision. Of course, if you see a ten year warranty on your system that is a good factor to consider. A company that does not mind offering long warranties like that has basically nothing to hide and more likely than others, his product will be good and effective. Safety measures should always be included in your system when you purchase it. If you do not have any safety measures included with your product, the best thing to do is not to purchase that product. Why not ask how many people your system is suitable for? This question is often ignored by so many people who purchase water softener systems. Yet this question should be one of the first question’s to be asked.


Making a Decision

The best thing to do before making a decision is to take your time in making that decision. Of course, when you have tested many systems to the extent that you can test them and ask your plumber for his final advice, it is time to make a wise choice in purchasing a water softener. A great point to not forget in making your choice is the money that you will save when having your water softener device installed. Some systems will clearly find a pattern in the way that water is used in your home and will in fact regenerate only when it is needed. This will indeed save the use of water for no reason.

best rated water softener

It learns the patterns of water usage in your household and will regenerate only when it’s necessary, which is useful for saving water. It is very important to ask the representative that is selling the device that you are testing if this function is included, since not all devices include this function.


How Does a Water Softener Function?

Most devices that are sold include two tanks. A brine tank and a water tank. In one of these tanks there are resin beads and they have the opposite effect electrical charge to that of calcium and magnesium. What happens when the water is dropped in the tank is that an ion exchange process will happen and the hard minerals replaced by soft one. These minerals can be salt (sodium) or potassium chloride. Of course, these minerals are needed for your water to regenerate.


Test your Water to Be Sure You Need a Water Softener

When purchasing something for our house that will cost us a certain amount of money we should always test to see if we really need it. With a water softener, it is the same principle. You can test your water by taking a clean bottle and filling it up with your water or putting a good amount of water, enough to see the water at the top of your bottle carefully. Next, put the cap on your bottle. Shake the bottle a few times. Open the bottle and look at your water. If your water is full of soap soads you are okay and your water does not have hard water. If your water has only a white film of soap on the top, then it is more likely than not that you have hard water and then the decision will be up to you to see if you would like to purchase a water softener.

Upon being aware that your water contains hard water you might want to test it even more. You can do so by purchasing a DIY testing kit and measure the hardness in your water accurately. This of course is not only good to measure the hardness in your water, but many more apsects of your water. These water kits are especially made to test all contaminants that are included in your water.


S155 – Best Springless Trampoline of 2015

A trampoline is a very popular product among children and the persons who are interested in improving their health. During the summer season it becomes a must have thing for the kids. There are a lot of models of trampolines available in the market but among them is the S155 springless jumbo square trampoline which is the best springless trampoline on the market. This trampoline was designed by Dr. Keith Alexander and I must say he did an excellent job.


Trampolines are gaining its popularity for exercises and different kinds of games which makes it very popular among kids. But there are some problems with safety issues that many parents worry about. People often get serious injuries on trampolines but that time is over with the S155. Instead of buying a cheap trampoline to save money, spend some more money and get a much safer model. If you skip this product for saving a little money, the decision can cause you to possibly spend money on medical bills. This trampoline is very safe to use and it’s impossible for anyone to hit the metal frame because the user will be about 18 inches above the steel frame while using it. The safety net is also strong enough to protect you. As it is a springless trampoline, there is no risk of getting hurt by them. It can take heavy weight on it up to a three hundred and thirty pounds user easily.

s155 best springless trampoline

The S155 is definitely the best springless trampoline for younger children and teenagers. If they use it, they will accept this without a doubt as it is just that good. This rebounder has a powerful energetic bounce which makes it the perfect surface to jump on. You don’t have to be a kid to use this rebounder though as users of any age can use it. This trampoline will also help save your valuable backyard space and will help to maximize your exercises and jumping.


S155- springless trampoline features:

  • It is the safest trampoline in the world.
  • This trampoline is designed with a rod based system. As it has no harmful or dangerous springs, it is safe to use.
  • S155 is the largest trampoline model available on the market. It can easily take 330 pounds jumping on it.
  • There is no problem if you keep this trampoline for the whole year. Because, it has double powder coated steel frame which will guarantee you the longest lasting uses of this product.
  • Nets and mats are UV resistant polypropylene.


Best springless trampoline-S155 specifications:

  • This product is 156” in width, 156” in depth, and 108’’ in height.
  • The size of the mat is 4.0 x 4.0 m
  • Total surface area of the mat is 14.4 m2
  • The mat always keeps a height above ground of 1.0 m
  • The height of the Flexi nets is 1.8 m above the mat.
  • Its total height is 2.8 m.


There are a lot of trampolines of different models and sizes available on the market. All of them will claim themselves as the best. But the truth is none of them touches the expectation line as they are described in their commercial tags. So don’t put your kids and yourself in risks of injuries by buying cheap trampolines. If you want to be relaxed, safe, fit and spend your money on the right trampoline, then the S155 is the best springless trampoline that you can buy without any confusion.


Different Types of Water Softening Systems

In response to their growing demand resulting from the increasing hardness of water, the manufactures are active in coming up with new and multi-featured water softeners. These typical products are manufactured by considering the emerging needs of individuals or groups who purchase the products either for their domestic use or to use in office and other places. There are a variety of companies and they apply their own unique strategies, on the basis of customers’ needs. Here in this article all types of multi-featured products will be discussed that are peculiar in their characteristics and own some typical properties on the basis of which they are recognized. Following are some of the multiple features of these products:

  • Structure and size of the product
  • Functional or operational nature of the product
  • Approach of purifying
  • Price charged for the product


  • Structure and size of the product

The structure and size of the product is the prominent factor to differentiate one product from the other. There are a wide variety of softeners available, which are manufactured keeping in view the changing needs of customers, such as some of the products are manufactured with an aim to use them for domestic use, whereas others are used for larger purpose. The structure of these unique products also varies, some of them are cylindrical in shape, some are rectangular and some and oval shaped also.


  • Functional or operational nature of the product

Functional or operational nature of the product is the product is the key factor on the basis of which the product is recognized. There are multiple methods or operational ways that a variety of products use with the aim to purify water. Among those, following are the well -recognized processes:

  • Salt free water softener
  • Dual tank water softener
  • Salt based ion exchange method
  • Magnetic water softener


  • Salt free water softener

salt free water softener

This is a typical product that purifies water through salt free process. In all other methods, the ions of magnesium and calcium are replaced with sodium and potassium, thus salt is formed. Whereas, in salt free water softening process, sodium and potassium ions are also removed by passing them through a solution, thus making water purely neutral and purified. This method is useful for all those who are restricted or prohibited from using salt.


  • Dual tank water softener

dual tank

Dual tank water softener is known for its feature of consistency and continuity of work. It functions on the basis of the principle that if one tanks starts functioning, then the other starts regenerating, thus there is no break in the working of the product. Moreover, this product also features automatic checking system, where it can check the water used and ensures the proper maintenance and supply of water to the tanks. Since it uses the automatic regeneration, so it does not require external control to check the water supply and time checking.


  • Salt based ion exchange method

water softener

In Salt based ion exchange method salt is formed due to the following reactions: Initially, when the hard water is supplied to the tank, the minerals it contains are ionized. As magnesium, calcium and other similar types of mineral contain, positive ions. When these positive ions pass through the solution containing sodium then sodium is stronger enough to replace magnesium and other minerals to form salt. That is why it is known as salt based ion exchange method.


  • Magnetic water softener

magnetic water treatment

Magnetic water softener works on the basis of forming magnetic poles. Two poles, negative and positive are formed. When the hard water containing the minerals pass through these poles, then similar charged ions are repelled by each other. For instance, positive ions will be repelled by positive ones, whereas negative ones are repelled by negative ones. So the minerals will not be able to pass through the pipe and will remain there, while the purified water will be passed through the pipe.

When comparatively analysis is conducted among the above mentioned multi-featured products, then no any concrete percent is observable in terms of their relative importance. Rather, the importance of each one of the products will be based on the circumstances, and the importance varies with the varying need. Magnetic water softeners don’t actually soften the water though so be warned.



From the articulated discussion, it is concluded that there are a wide variety of water softeners, available having multi-dimensional features. It can also be clearly argued, based on the study that each of the products has got importance and worth in its own place, and subject to condition each of them is reasonably applicable. So, based on any one feature, it cannot be decided that one product is superior over the other. Moreover, it has also been proved that a variety of products have been invented, that are equipped with various stages, thus making it too easy for you to choose the product that is more suitable and feasible for you, either for domestic use or any other use. Based on the conclusion, it is recommended for those who are in need of purchasing the said product strictly analyze the compatibility of the product with their need and decide to purchase the one that best satisfies or targets your needs. Rather than going for the general benefits of the product.


Stamina 36 inch Folding Trampoline | Best Mini Rebounder

 Trampolines are gaining reputation very fast. It becomes a must need thing for summer. There are a lot of mini trampolines which are available on the market today. But among all of them Stamina 36 inch Folding Trampoline is the best mini trampoline without any doubt in my mind.

All of the trampolines online are definitely not the same. There are high risks of injuries to the users if they don’t know how to use the trampoline as there are different rules for the different exercises. Each and every trampoline has its own styles of uses. So you have to be very careful at the time of buying a trampoline. For different aged people the trampoline has different kinds of designs. Mini trampolines are designed for effective exercises. It is designed for mainly 13 years plus people. You can easily use it at home or at the office.


 Top Rated Mini Trampoline

Stamina 36 inch Folding Trampoline is surely the best mini trampoline that you will be able to find. This trampoline has a very interesting design which makes it unique and easy to work options that will ensure your total safety and will keep you fit. You don’t have to go to a gym to keep your body fit. Stamina 36 inch Folding trampoline is the product that is the only thing you need. It will save your valuable time and money, which you decide to spend on going to the gym. In fact a lot of exercises you can do while you are watching TV. After your exercises you can easily fold it and store it under the bed or in the closet.

best mini trampoline

Best of all this mini trampoline is extremely easy to use. You can take it with you anytime and anywhere as it can be folded which is definitely a useful feature that will help you save space and easy to store away. Here are the unique features and product details of Stamina folding trampoline which makes it very popular.


Product Features:

  • It’s frame is fully made of stainless steel
  • There are six rubber coated legs. You can detach them whenever you want.
  • Built in safety pads
  • It’s heavy duty surface will last long
  • It has no springs. Instead of springs it has strong bands


Details of the product:

  • It’s very easy to use
  • It is easy to fold the trampoline that makes it easy to store and easy to move
  • It’s not too flexible or stiff, so the bounce is good
  • It has a weight limit of 250lbs.


Product Dimensions:

  • 5″ W x 8.75 H x 36.5 D
  • Product weight: 12lbs


This mini rebounder is worth the price it has and so much more in my honest opinion. To keep your body fit within your budget and to make exercises easier and smoother, Stamina 36 inch folding trampoline is the best choice. If you are not using it, then you are missing the best product and the best experiences of your regular exercise.


The Basics of Water Softening

The term softening water doesn’t mean as in literally doing so. There is obviously no way that water texture can be determined. Hardness or softness of water is basically the definition of the type of minerals present in water. Hard water basically contains minerals such as calcium and magnesium. During the softening process, the minerals above are replaced with others to make the water soft and ready for consumption.

To carry out this process are water softeners. They mostly work by ion exchange. The softening of the water is handled by the device’s three elements:

  • First is the mineral tank. In this chamber the hard water enters and the hard mineral elements in it are charged. The charged minerals are attracted by negative beads within the tank.
  • Within the mineral tank is another chamber called the brine tank. In this section, there is a concentrated solution of brine solution. The solution mixes with the water to replace the removed ions so that the ionic balance of the water is maintained.
  • Last is the control valve. The function of this component is to control the amount of water getting in or out of the softening device. This is done to ensure controlled pressure in the device. Once the process is done, the softened water goes out into pipes for use while the minerals are left behind.

There is also a reverse process to remove the accumulated salts from the softener. The process of softening water is mainly done during a time when water flow is halted, so it’s most preferably done at night when there is no need for water use.

basics of water softening

Water softeners are usually fitted directly into house pipe systems. Softening water is very beneficial in not only getting water good for consumption, but also helps in maintaining pipes and other home appliances.


Trampoline Games – Both Healthy and Fun

At present, it is said that children are addicted to computer games or other games which don’t help to enrich their imagination or help to build their physical strength as well. For them trampoline games are the best ideas.

Jumping on trampolines are now gaining popularity among children and others in a rapid rate. Playing rebounder games cannot be considered only as a fun activity, it is a massive exercise which practically burns about sixty nine percent more energy than running. It burns up to one thousand calories per hour. You will get weight control and needed exercises for your body. Children today prefer those games which require a short amount of energy. For this reason they are getting affected by computer games or in TV.

rebounder games

Rebounders are one of the best ways to take them outside so that they can exercise and be healthy. It is a beautiful matter that the children won’t understand that they are working out by playing these games. They will think it as fun, but in the long run it will have a very beneficial impact on their body; these will help to make their body strong. These games are not only for fun, it is one of the best ways to develop body control and body movement skills which will help in others sports.

Only bouncing on a trampoline could be boring but then again you might still even have fun doing that. You can try a lot of different games which you can play with your child and have a lot of fun. Have you tried Crossfire or Hot Potato on your rebounder? I know I sure did as a kid. I jump a lot on my trampoline and these activities give me fun and a lot of good energy which most activities can’t give. Now I’ll give you some ideas that you can try and be sure of it that you will find your trampoline more effective and more fun to play than before.


Splash Popping:

When summer warms up and the weather and the heat is too much for you, then it is the best time to play splash popping on trampoline. It’s a game of popping balloons full of water with just using your feet. It is a great way to cool off during summer when it’s really hot outside.



Crossfire is basically a fun version of dodge ball. To play this game two people need to stand up on the trampoline and the rest of the team should be on the ground. The people on the ground throw a soft ball to the people on the trampoline. If they hit them, they will change positions. If someone on the ground can tag someone on the trampoline, he gains a point.


Hot Potato:

For playing this game all the players have to jump at all times. Between players a soft ball will be thrown and the players must try to catch the ball. If they fail to catch the ball or stop jumping to catch it then they are out. This will continue until there is only one left.



This one is an iconic game that everyone loves to play. For this activity you have to buy large colored dots and place them on the mat of the rebounder. You then have to use a spinner to make turns. Jumpster is played by jumping from dot to dot. You can make it more challenging by using one foot or going faster.


Attack The Castle:

For this all players need to be divided into two teams. One team is positioned on the rebounder and the other one on the outside. The trampoline will be considered as the castle. Outside players will throw ball on to the castle and players inside have to knock them off. If all the balls are inside, the castle breaks and the outsider team wins.


Draw it:

Draw it is an enjoyable game for the children. All they have to draw pictures with chalk on the trampoline surface.


There are also a lot of games which you can play to enjoy your trampoline. Trampoline games are extremely fun to play and beneficial for your health as well. So everyone should try to convert their child from playing video games to games on a rebounder. Not only children but also elders can make enjoyable moments by playing these games.


Iron Pro 2 64,000 Grains Water Softener Review

Those who live in coastal or remote regions know exactly how much of a pain hard water can be. Not only does it taste bad, but also ruins your plumbing system, appliances, as well as the facets and showerheads in the bathroom. While there are several water softeners available in the market, their water production capacity is just enough to support the drinking requirements of the family. If you are looking for a water softening solution that not only does the job right, but gives you the freedom of more softened water, the Iron Pro 2 64,000 Grains Water Softener is just what you need.

More than just a versatile water softener, the Iron Pro 2 is a specialized iron filtration unit to ensure that each drop of water is as pure as possible. It has been equipped with a 64,000 grain capacity to break down hardened water. The Iron Pro 2 water softener is just enough to accommodate the soft water requirements of the entire house. A high grade mesh resin has been incorporated into the Iron Pro 2 water softener to add the ability of iron filtration to it.


Iron Pro 2 Water Softener

The entire water filtration system has been designed to accommodate the softened water requirements of an average to large household, so matter how much soft water you need, the Iron Pro 2 will deliver. Each of the components used in constructing this water softener is of the highest quality, along with an extra-large brine tank to accommodate all your soft water needs.


Eliminates the Buildup of Scale

Besides the bad taste that hard water carries, it can leave quite a mark on your faucets and appliances and cause their surface to flake. This flaking is caused by the corrosive salts and sediments in the water, which corrodes the surface of the appliances. The buildup of scale causes blockage, which causes the water to flow at a severely reduced rate. The Iron Pro 2 removes this scale buildup by breaking down the salts, reducing the blockage. This not only increases the water flow through the appliances and the faucets, but also increases their lifespan.

iron pro 2 review

Digital Control Panel

One of the most popular digital controllers for water softeners, the Fleck 5600SXT has also been equipped with the Iron Pro 2 water softener. This latest digital controller has been highly acclaimed for its easy user interface that lets you configure the system with ease. The Fleck 5600SXT comes with a backlit LCD display which makes reading the details much easy, and the touch pad besides the screen allows easy navigation through the system.



  • Ideal choice for homes with large requirements of softened water.
  • Created from industrial grade materials to last the user for years to come.
  • Digital control panel for easy access and configuration of the system.
  • Special mesh resin filters to remove residues of iron and manganese.


Final Opinion

The Iron Pro 2 is among the few water softeners in the market that provide an all-in-one water purification solution. The large brine task supports the water requirements of a large house, the special digital controls offered by Fleck 5600SXT make it easy to use and the mesh resin filter makes it an ideal purification system to remove excess iron and manganese from the water supply.